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Sometimes when you move, dates simply refuse to match up! This can often be the case whether you are moving within the UK, or overseas. This situation is when our bespoke containerised storage, is the perfect solution for you. We have the knowledge, experience and ability to accommodate your move and storage needs.

You may need long term, short term or international storage, in some cases a combination of all of the above! Relax, we can accommodate your specific requirements.

There are many reasons why our containerised storage is the right solution for you. You may have items that you no longer require and have a new home to go to, but are in need storage for a period of time before us delivering them to their final destination.


£15 per week*

 250 cubic feet

Other sizes available

Safe & secure

72h notice to access

Units based outside London

Assistance onsite

Self-Storage: You hold the key

Price dependent on size of unit*


Various sizes available


Safe & secure


No notice required to access units


London based units


Assistance onsite