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Interior Design House Fitters:

Interior designers like house fitters or show house displays have their own furniture that is rented out to help sell a property. We come in when they need extra help, delivering and installing this rented furniture. This normally happens when they are busy or if they require specialised skills on site or just need more hands to get the job done.

This is usually charged on an hourly rate. Our experience from working with other interior designers and in the house removals industry enables us to work alongside the in house delivery team and create some magnificent show home displays.

Sometimes it goes beyond the furniture, where it’s about making the home feel more like someone is actually living there. It tends to involve making beds, setting up teddy’s in the children’s rooms and packing wood around the fire place.

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Our core belief is to ensure happy customers and it is never a problem for us to go the extra mile.

Things we typically help with include:

  • Fine arts handling​

  • Storage and warehousing of single items or all items for your up and coming projects

  • Pickup from your warehouse or storage and deliver to site

  • Protection of site floor covers etc.

  • Unpack and unwrap

  • Removal of packaging

  • Install and put together of furniture

  • Set out and adjust to requirements

Our Interior designers service is available as a bespoke service or as part of our main house removal service. Call today to find out more and to get a quote.